Monday, November 8, 2010

revolving doors;

revolving doors

revolving doors


zehra, sabrien melahat, tekinhan.

and a petra in a petri dish of moon and honey.

all it takes, ultimately, is for the doorbell to ring. who knew it were so simple. one finger pressed on the white button floating amidst the river spider webs. and dusty moths plucked from the willing retinas of diplomats.

hi, hello, you greet (summon). my visit is as such. there are many doors. i found this one suitable for these purposes, precious and warranted. incongruent melting; landmark points. paternal bewilderment, anger and subsequent acceptance. and then: the "and then" not so fortuitous, but calculated, strong and perfectly in tune with princesses of the naught kind.

your lips of vapour, the neck and tremors, petal cuts on the jugulars.

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